Pool Party Policies/Terms and Conditions

  • We require one lifeguard per 25 people for every pool party at an Aqua Tech-managed pool. In addition, parties involving alcohol will require at least two guards. For all events, the rate is $25/hr. per guard.  The total number of attendees includes anybody who will be inside pool gates as lifeguards are responsible for safety of every patron, both in the water and on the pool deck.
    • Ex. You have 40 people attending the event from 6pm-8pm.  You would need two guards for 2 hours.  Each guard is $25 per hour so your total for the event will be $100.
  • There must be one adult guardian/supervisor present for every 10 guests, and these supervisors must remain present and attentive for the entirety of the pool party.
  • Pool Parties must be booked at least 7 days in advance to ensure adequate time to get additional lifeguards lined up for party.
    • Any parties booked less than 7 days in advance will be charged an additional $50 late registration fee.
    • Parties booked less than 7 days in advance may not be approved based on lifeguard availability on short notice.
  • It is the responsibility of the host to confirm pool availability with a facility representative to prevent conflicts with any neighborhood events (swim team, HOA sponsored parties, etc.)
    • Some facilities have their own pool party guidelines (such as no after hours parties) which Aqua Tech must honor in addition to our policies.
    • Facility must be permitted for night time swimming for Aqua Tech to allow parties past dusk at that facility.
  • Pool party registration with Aqua Tech only covers fees for additional lifeguards for party.  Any facility clubhouse/patio/grill/etc. rentals/reservations must be handled through the facility management.
  • If a Party has to be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather, it is the responsibility of the party host to notify the Aqua Tech Party Coordinator by EMAIL at least 2 hours before party is scheduled to begin so that party lifeguards can be notified.  Party costs will be refunded in full with appropriate notification.
    • If notification of cancellation is received less than 2 hours prior to start of party, Aqua Tech will only refund up to 75% of party costs.